Monday, July 28, 2008

Ansteorran Crown 2008

This past weekend I attended the crown tournament of Ansteorra. It was a wonderful experience, made so by many of mine and Sarait's new friends. We are finding it so amazing to be accepted into so many different groups of people.

The day started off great when we came across Ayra and Hatur. We sat with them during most of the day and learn alot of history of the SCA while doing so. They are becoming very great friends and are alway so kind to us.

Master Ulf honored us with some conversation and as he is one of those people you just look up to, or atleast I do, it is always a blessing to speak with him.

We also spent some time with Cat and Orlando, and with Melisande. We found ourselves with dinner at Perkins with them and I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to Her Grace Vanessa. We exchanged very light conversation as she intimidates me with her kind nature. But it is always fun to joke and kid with her.

Here is some video of the final match that crown Lord Gunthar Jonsson as Ansteorrans Prince and soon to be king. I found Lord Gunthar Jonsson to be a very kind and generous man, and his our Princess to be beautiful and gracious. What a wonderful future for Ansteorra.

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