Monday, August 4, 2008

Minister of Arts and Science

Last night was the populace meeting for Skorragardr, where I was officially named the new Minister of Arts and Science. It was something that I was expecting to happen, but still it was just as fun and exciting as if it were to be a suprise. Although I would not consider myself to be a great artisan in any area, I have always been attracted to A&S and people that do A&S.

Mostly, I feel like my skills of organization and planning will be an asset to this office. At the same time, it will give me a venue for learning and working more with the arts.

In two weeks, my children and I will travel to Steppes Artisan and I think it will be a fantastic way to get some experience on how arts and science group run on the larger level.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Let The Beatings Begin

So, a while back Baroness Muriel approached me and said that someone in youth boffer had contacted her and wanted to do some training so that we could get some people authorized to fight and marshal youth boffer. I told her I would check into it but I never realized the journey it would take me on.

The current state of boffer, to the best of my knowledge, is in disarray but the good news is that there are a few individuals that are very passionate about bringing it into fruition. The website is pretty outdated, I have heard that there are only two officers in all Ansteorra currently, and both of them are way to the south.

I am pretty much a "take the bull by the horns" kind of fellow. My hope is to try to get all the individuals talking and hopefully get something organized before Protectorate or Axeman V. Its not impossible, but it will be a difficult mission.

To begin with I created a spreadsheet that simplifies the rules for armor requirements. It can be found HERE.

Sæmundr inn skærr

Monday, July 28, 2008

Castellan 2008

Sarait and I travelled north to attend Northkeeps Castellan event. It would be a day tripper for us. We worried a bit about the weather but I really wanted to take part in the archery contest and see the many bards. I have been wanting to do bardic for a while now so I thought that would give me an idea what to expect. As we arrived we saw Baroness Muriel and Lady Annebelle. We checked in with the trolls and started scoping the area out.

As opening court began, Her Majesty Vanessa wanted to place importance of the passing of a previous King. Now, I had never known him but the honor with which people had spoke His name made it easy for me to appreciate the importance. As HRM Vanessa spoke the clouds grew more and more dark. Rain began to fall. With each word, the rain grew heavier and lighting began to fall. Court was moved indoors.

The weather improved after court but alas I did not get to compete in the archery shoot. Lord Lawrence has his "knight" target out there and they raised $75 in donations.

It was a terrific day and it inspired me to write the following poem:

The Reign of Castellan
Sæmundr the pure
Jim Couch (June

A hush came over every man.
The Crown came forth to make a

The people bowed their heads in deep

As Queen Vanessa sauntered by,
the rain dropped slowly
from dark skies,

and peace came ever more and more

Her Majesty, with tearful eyes,
spoke greatly of the
Duke, who died,

Deeds recounted by the words of

The heavens heard these loving tales.
Its heart with glee
began to swell.

Falling down, the rain came hard and

The Royalty who stood that day,
she passed the purple
strands away.

Reminding all that even great Kings

And as the skies they opened wider,
our claims of glory
shouted higher.

Lightning set forth a final battle

The rain began to fade away.
And clouds, they parted,
making way.

The Duke to come and speak to every

And truly did He hear our cries.
He sent to us his own

The sun shined down on all at Castellan.

The poem was published in The Plume in the July edition.

Ansteorran Crown 2008

This past weekend I attended the crown tournament of Ansteorra. It was a wonderful experience, made so by many of mine and Sarait's new friends. We are finding it so amazing to be accepted into so many different groups of people.

The day started off great when we came across Ayra and Hatur. We sat with them during most of the day and learn alot of history of the SCA while doing so. They are becoming very great friends and are alway so kind to us.

Master Ulf honored us with some conversation and as he is one of those people you just look up to, or atleast I do, it is always a blessing to speak with him.

We also spent some time with Cat and Orlando, and with Melisande. We found ourselves with dinner at Perkins with them and I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to Her Grace Vanessa. We exchanged very light conversation as she intimidates me with her kind nature. But it is always fun to joke and kid with her.

Here is some video of the final match that crown Lord Gunthar Jonsson as Ansteorrans Prince and soon to be king. I found Lord Gunthar Jonsson to be a very kind and generous man, and his our Princess to be beautiful and gracious. What a wonderful future for Ansteorra.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Return To Old Hobbies

When I was a teenager I had heard about these folks that would gather in Norman, Oklahoma once a year. They would dress up in medeival clothing and beat each other with stick, or atleast that I what I imagined. So, newly divorced a few years ago I thought that I might look into this old fantasy of mine. So I looked up where I was located, the Barony of Namron (Norman, Oklahoma) and I attended a meeting.

What I found were some really nice people, although maybe a tad odd by "normal" standards. They spoke a little funny, they new way too much infomation, they were mostly polite to each other, and I fell in love with the idea of being in such a group.

My downfall at the time was two fold. For one I am, by nature, a very shy and timid person and secondly I was deeply in love with the woman of my dreams. She lived almost fifty miles from me and had absolutely no interest in traveling to meetings and events with these "odd" people.

Fast forward a few years - Now she and I are married and doing things together is so much fun. I suggested to her that we try out the SCA, the group I had investigated a bit, and she didnt seem to be interested at first. But the more we talked about it... the more she liked the idea of doing things together, meeting new people, camping out, and all that goes into being a member of the SCA.

We gathered and purchased garb, feastware, worked on personas, and even applied for officer positions (in Skorragardr) all in the first month or two.. and it has been great! It was fun the first time but with her it has been so much better and I find that she draws me out of my shell and I am able to relax and be more of myself with these nice folks.