Friday, August 1, 2008

Let The Beatings Begin

So, a while back Baroness Muriel approached me and said that someone in youth boffer had contacted her and wanted to do some training so that we could get some people authorized to fight and marshal youth boffer. I told her I would check into it but I never realized the journey it would take me on.

The current state of boffer, to the best of my knowledge, is in disarray but the good news is that there are a few individuals that are very passionate about bringing it into fruition. The website is pretty outdated, I have heard that there are only two officers in all Ansteorra currently, and both of them are way to the south.

I am pretty much a "take the bull by the horns" kind of fellow. My hope is to try to get all the individuals talking and hopefully get something organized before Protectorate or Axeman V. Its not impossible, but it will be a difficult mission.

To begin with I created a spreadsheet that simplifies the rules for armor requirements. It can be found HERE.

Sæmundr inn skærr

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