Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Return To Old Hobbies

When I was a teenager I had heard about these folks that would gather in Norman, Oklahoma once a year. They would dress up in medeival clothing and beat each other with stick, or atleast that I what I imagined. So, newly divorced a few years ago I thought that I might look into this old fantasy of mine. So I looked up where I was located, the Barony of Namron (Norman, Oklahoma) and I attended a meeting.

What I found were some really nice people, although maybe a tad odd by "normal" standards. They spoke a little funny, they new way too much infomation, they were mostly polite to each other, and I fell in love with the idea of being in such a group.

My downfall at the time was two fold. For one I am, by nature, a very shy and timid person and secondly I was deeply in love with the woman of my dreams. She lived almost fifty miles from me and had absolutely no interest in traveling to meetings and events with these "odd" people.

Fast forward a few years - Now she and I are married and doing things together is so much fun. I suggested to her that we try out the SCA, the group I had investigated a bit, and she didnt seem to be interested at first. But the more we talked about it... the more she liked the idea of doing things together, meeting new people, camping out, and all that goes into being a member of the SCA.

We gathered and purchased garb, feastware, worked on personas, and even applied for officer positions (in Skorragardr) all in the first month or two.. and it has been great! It was fun the first time but with her it has been so much better and I find that she draws me out of my shell and I am able to relax and be more of myself with these nice folks.

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